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Te Tangata (Man). Te Iwi (Tribe): Rauru Kiitahi

Rauru was a man of one mind. It was said that once he gave his word, there was no going back on it. Hence, he was called Rauru Kiitahi (Rauru of the one word).


Ngā Rauru Kiitahi was a pre-migration iwi, and evidence of this can be found within the pāhuki (territorial bounds) of Ngā Rauru Kiitahi. Here you’ll find place names and hapū that were named by Te Kāhui Rere prior to the arrival of the Aotea waka. These names include Te Ihonga, Tieke, Tapuarau, Potiki-a-Rehua, Oturōriki, Te Kiri-o-Rauru, Moerangi, Ngā Ariki, and Te Ihupuku. 


From the tīpuna (ancestor) Rauru Kiitahi of which our iwi is named, there were many hapū, there are 12 Marae that are active active today.

Kiitahi Limited

Kiitahi Limited is an interlinked entity in Te Kāhui o Rauru and the owner operator of Ashley Park. Ashley Park is part of a diversified strategy focusing on Eco-Tourism, while also growing Te Kāhui o Rauru assets over the longer term. Another goal is to provide employment or work experience for the benefit of the people of Ngā Rauru Kiitahi.


Guiding the decisions made by Kiitahi, which align with core fundamentals of Eco-Tourism, is the Te Kawa a Māui business model. Beyond traditional measures of success, the Kiitahi business model incorporates essential elements in Te Ao Māori:


  • Mana Atua – the divine nature of creation; present in all aspects of te taiao (nature).

  • Mana Tangata – inherent responsibility for the well-being of whānau, hapū, and iwi.

  • Mana Whenua – guardianship of land according to customary tribal values.

  • Mana Kai – sustainable management of built and natural resources.

Ashley Park

Ashley Park is a 12-acre farm which was developed for local and overseas tourists, and is ideal for schools, social groups, and backpackers. Originally, Ashley Park was a stud farm raising Border Leicester – Romney and Coopworth sheep and Angus Cattle, selling up to 1000 rams a year. With several developments over the years, Ashley Park has seen many transformations and additions, all of which added to the true natural beauty this property represents.